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The Forex Market is chaotic, no question about it. If you need a simplified method to trade Forex Magic Wave may be your solution like it is ours. (No Magic Involved!) Just really dedicated coders


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The Best Metatrader 4 Indicator you will ever need!

First, If you have a successful method of trading the Forex Market that is working, kudos to you! If you are struggling then you may want to start here! Just for your curiosity we will share with you the basis template we use in Forex Magic Wave.

Take a look at the snapshots below and watch our very short video on Forex Magic Wave and see if this is something that may be beneficial to you.



Forex Magic Wave Trend

4 hour window.

Clear signals to enter a trade and exit a trade. (Clear and fast signals)

Question: It looks like there was a losing trade in the example? Correct, there are losing trades. THe winning trades when following the signal makes up for the losing trades. Trend following is key exiting when the signal turns in the opposite direction is key

Forex Magic Wave Trend in the daily window. Just Powerful!

ForexMagicWave owned this pair AUDJPY in the daily window and fives early (99.99% Non - Repainting) signals. The pip accumilation on this was huge without over levarage your account and creating un needed risk. Follow the trend, when it changes - exit!

Want more confluence in your trading?

The Forex Magic Wave Complete manual trader is below!!

The Best trio of indicators to increase your confidence in trades.Forex Magic Wave Complete is the best way to trade forex in higher time frames.

  • Tide indicator - When this indicator crosses we have found the best and strongest moves are underway
  • Navigator indicator - A fantastically unique indiactor that shows current trend depth. Exit on crosses and trade when the navigator crosses the equi zone of zero
  • Trend indicator - The most powerful and best metatrader 4 indicator you can own to detect trends

When you are ready to make better trades we are here. Literally thousands of hours of development has taken place to create these top metatrader 4 indicators.

You can cut through the chaos of forex trading and profit!

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