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The Forex Market is chaotic, no question about it. If you need a simplified method to trade Forex Magic Wave may be your solution like it is ours. (No Magic Involved!) Just really dedicated coders


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The Best Metatrader 4 Indicator you will ever need!

First, If you have a successful method of trading the Forex Market that is working, kudos to you! If you are struggling then you may want to start here! Just for your curiosity we will share with you the basis template we use in Forex Magic Wave.

Take a look at the snapshots below and watch our very short video on Forex Magic Wave Expert Advisor and see if this is something that may be beneficial to you.

Yes you Can!



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ForexMagicWave Expert Advisor

Clear trade direction signals

FMW MT4 EA creates trades based on our FMW indicator and other factors. The objective is to stay in trades until sentiment changes in the opposite direction. When FMW gets this right there are more profits than losses

Riding the trend!

FMW EA is a trend following EA that attempts to get in and out of trades the point it sees a change in direction. While imperfect, the FMW indicator is a great directional indicator and we believe the best MT4 forex indicator

Reality check!

There is no magic to trading, at least none we have found. Traders do lose trades and real money! FMW is no different. FMW goal is to have a few trades with more gains than losses. See how it works

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FMW Expert Advisor for MT4


Forex Magic Wave 2020 MT4 Expert Advisor Settings

MT4 trading Tips: A few tips we learned along the way in forex and MT4. Some may agree others others not, but we believe these are worth sharing. Use Leverage, understanding of spreads and fees, trading times and lot size to maximize your trading. Don't blow your account with high leverage (gambling). It happens everyday, hopefully not to you 🙂

Leverage: Our opinion is using lower leverage in the forex market protects you from trades that reverse or go sideways. 50:1 helps keep us in check as traders. Using 50:1 leverage is our tip, as always the choice is yours.

Spreads: One enemy of scalpers and traders are fees and spreads. Find a low cost broker but also watch their commission and swap fees. Know when these fees occur. A mini account can help you get your feet wet.

Uncertainty: Holding positions over a weekend in the advent of social media 24/7 news is very risky we believe. Use smaller lot sizes an allow your plan to trade when markets are open over time.

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Metatrader 4 Forex Template
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