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The Forex Market is chaotic, no question about it. If you need a simplified method to trade Forex Magic Wave may be your solution like it is ours. (No Magic Involved!) Just really dedicated coders


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The only Metatrader 4 Indicator you will ever need!

First, If you have a successful method of trading the Forex Market that is working, kudos to you! If you are struggling then you may want to start here! Just for your curiosity we will share with you the basis template we use in Forex Magic Wave.

Take a look at the snapshots below and watch our very short video on Forex Magic Wave and see if this is something that may be beneficial to you.



Take a look at this free download template from ForexMagicWave.

Enclosed in the zip file are the 3 indicators VWAP, Dochian Channels and AFN Signal. The SMA 200 is standard in Metatrader 4.

Review the txt file to get a general idea on how to use the setup

Tip: New Traders on live accounts. Allow leverage

to work for you "Not" against you! Using low leverage not exceeding 50:1 and higher time frames for trends will allow the greatest opportunity for profits.

Scalping is a method we have never been successful with. If you are profiting in 12 months from scalping

Make better trades with Forex Magic Wave today!

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